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Murder Mystery Events

Are you an amateur sleuth? Can you get to the bottom of any conundrum and spot the false alibi?

Test your skills out at one of The Old Swan Hotel’s famous Murder Mystery Events.

With its romantic past and Agatha Christie connections, The Old Swan in Harrogate is ideal for an atmospheric (and hilarious) Murder Mystery weekend. Bring friends and join in the fun.

2019 Murder Mystery Dates

  • Dinner: £51.00 per person
  • Dinner, Bed & Breakfast: £110.00pp

Friday 15th February 2019 – Happy Hearts Marriage Bureau

Join Kathryn Freemantle, owner of Happy Hearts, as she throws a party to celebrate her 100th couple getting married as a result of her introductions. The course of true love never runs smoothly, however, and old jealousies start to re-surface - but would this be motive enough to kill?

Friday 22th March 2019 – The Fashion House

The biggest fashion designer of the decade is organising a fashion show and cat walk at your hotel tonight. Many of the latest designs will be on show. But are any of the designs totally original? Is someone jealous of what’s on display? And would somebody kill if the money was right?

Saturday 27nd April 2019 – Maria`s Birthday Surprise

Tonight you are invited to a surprise Birthday party for Maria Whitehouse. But as the celebrations get underway, what terrible skeletons tumble out of the family closet and ruin the party?

Friday 17th May 2019 – The Jewelers

Join Sir Giles Cordingley, Managing Director of Giles Cordingley Jewellery and Chairman of the Midland Jewellers’ Association, for a peaceful night with his fellow jewellers. But is someone jealous of his success – or do they just want him out of the way?

Friday 14th June 2019 – The Golf Club Annual Prize Giving

Tonight we are all at the annual prize giving dinner for the local Golf Club. Piers Spencer the club chairman will be in attendance to present the awards and to oversee the dinner. Also there will be Michael Aspinall the club pro. All looks sweetness and light to the outsider and the club seems well run and everybody is looking forward to receiving their awards and prizes. But why is the club in financial difficulties? Is Piers marriage all that it seems and would somebody kill a hated rival to get their hands on a trophy?

Friday 12th July - Back Behind Bars

John Taylor is currently serving time for the murder of his brother Nathan, a crime which John has always denied. Today he has been allowed out on a special licence to marry his fiancée Charlotte Jennings, and you are invited to the reception. Charlotte has always stood by John waiting for him to finish his sentence. She is also working hard at the fight to clear his name. But if John didn’t kill Nathan, who did?

Friday 9th August - Carry On Murdering

Join the Matron, the doctor, W C Boggs and many others as the Carry on Comeback Society (COCS) holds its annual party and announces they are funding the new film, Carry on Murdering. But is everyone happy with the choice of director? Does everyone like the new script and would somebody kill to get the part they want?

Friday 6th September - The Crash

It is 1929 and Harry Grimshaw is a self-made millionaire and very successful business man. But this weekend we learn that Wall Street has crashed and Harry could end up being destitute. It’s at times like this that you learn who your friends really are – and your enemies.

Friday 18th October - The Haunting

The room you are having dinner in tonight is haunted.

It is said that an awful murder was committed in the dining room and the victim cannot rest until the bloody act has been avenged. Can Gordon Summers, local researcher and fellow of the British Institute of parapsychology and his colleagues find out the truth or will his investigations lead to tragedy and death?

Friday 15th November - Murder on the Dancefloor

Style TV, is new to the UK. Owned by Australian media magnate Greg Copeland, the TV Company is set to go head to head in an all-out war with BBC's 'Strictly' this year. Their new dance show, 'Step up & Dance' promises to be big & brash. Fronted by TV host Sam Delaney, the show will have notorious musical star P.J. McQueen as lead judge, who makes Craig Revel Norwood seem like a pussycat!! Tonight will be an opportunity for one lucky person to join the show. So if you feel lucky, put on your dancing shoes and practice that hip sway but be careful, with all those egos, fake tan and sequins.

Friday 6th December - A Christmas Sleighing

Strawberry Productions are celebrating a hit this Christmas with their cartoon,

Kris Mass - The Elf Who Saves Christmas. Kris who along with one of Santa's reindeer, Rooftop Dancer, rescues Santa Claus after he has been kidnapped by the evil Dr Dark who wants to spoil Christmas for millions of children. The film has been a huge hit and Strawberry Productions are holding a number of celebratory parties throughout the country to thank their many public and private investors who backed the film. So come along, dress up in Christmas style and join the cast and crew in the celebrations!! However this may be the season of goodwill to all men but all is not sweetness and light. It may be winter outside but the atmosphere inside is deathly cold!

Friday 27th December - Who saw Someone Killing Santa Claus?

Benton’s Department Store is having a Christmas party to celebrate owner Arthur Benton’s birthday, which incidentally, is on Christmas Day. Arthur always likes to throw a lavish party and hand round gifts to all his staff but tonight is an extra special night! Arthur intends to make an announcement that may cause an almighty shock! Will everyone react the same way? Just what is Arthur about to reveal? Is there somebody who will stop at nothing to keep things quiet? Has someone got a secret to hide? Christmas may never be the same again.


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