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Murder Mystery Events

Are you an amateur sleuth? Can you get to the bottom of any conundrum and spot the false alibi?

Test your skills out at one of The Old Swan Hotel’s famous Murder Mystery Events.

With its romantic past and Agatha Christie connections, The Old Swan in Harrogate is ideal for an atmospheric (and hilarious) Murder Mystery weekend. Bring friends and join in the fun.


Dinner: £46 per person
Dinner, bed and breakfast: £105 per person
Weekends: £209 per person


  • Friday and Saturday evening three-course dinner
  • Friday and Saturday Murder Mystery Play
  • Two nights Bed and Breakfast

Come dressed for the occasion (no obligation!)

The performance starts at 7.30pm with dinner served at 8pm.

Friday 10th – Sunday 12th March**
How to Murder a Millionaire
It is 1956. Millicent Montague is throwing a party to celebrate the release of her latest Hollywood blockbuster “How to Murder a Millionaire”. All the stars will all be there and Millicent is hoping that she will be able to put the past behind her. You know the sort of thing: The rumours of her affairs, her involvement with a prominent American Politician, Her Mafia connections, etcetera etcetera. She is hoping that the film will distract people from all that. But you can be sure that someone has a grudge to bear . But would they kill because of it?.

Friday 14th April*
Maxwell Sinclair
Set in either 1929 or 1959 and Maxwell Sinclair QC the famous lawyer has successfully concluded yet another case. So come and join the notorious Frank Malone as he celebrates his acquittal for the murder of Johnny ‘Diamond’ Cassidy.  But just who did commit this heinous crime?

Friday 19th – Sunday 20th May**
Rock On
Set in 1968. Join Jerry Jackson, manager of “Ricky & The Ravers” as he launches his new project – a musical based on the 1958 hit ‘Rock On By’. But as his murky past comes back to haunt him, will his project ever become a reality? And what would drive someone to murder?

Saturday 24th June*
The Crash
It is 1929 and Harry Grimshaw is a self-made millionaire and very successful business man. But this weekend we learn that Wall Street has crashed and Harry could end up being destitute. It’s at times like this that you learn who your friends really are – and your enemies.

Saturday 1st July*
The School Reunion
A reunion to celebrate the 75th year of Winford Priory School, a private, family run, co-educational, residential school. What secrets are there to be found in this ancient building? Why have two student teachers gone missing?

Saturday 12th August*
Zoe’s Second Wedding

You are invited to the wedding reception of Zoe and Mike, to congratulate them before they jet off on their honeymoon to Greece. However, with past enemies rearing their ugly heads (the two who were pushed out of their large manor house by Zoe, the one who’s currently behind bars.) will it be a happy wedding, or a bitter funeral?

Friday 15th September*
A Spectre Calls

Tonight is the will reading of Clara Mallender known to all as 'Auntie Clara.' Clara, a widow, died of a heart attack three months ago shortly after her 70th birthday party and tonight is the occasion of her will reading. Her family are gathered to listen eagerly to the contents of her will along with her housekeeper and her long time friend, solicitor and medium, Ashley Palmer. and Oh! yes... Clara herself!!!

Friday 13th - Sunday 15th October**
The Haunting

The room you are having dinner in tonight is haunted.

It is said that an awful murder was committed in the dining room and the victim cannot rest until the bloody act has been avenged. Can Gordon Summers, local researcher and fellow of the British Institute of parapsychology and his colleagues find out the truth or will his investigations lead to tragedy and death?

Saturday 11th November*
Zombie Appreciation Society

You are kindly welcomed to the Z.A.S. Annual Dinner (Zombie Appreciation Society for short!) Tonight, is about celebrating everyone’s shared interest in the real possibility that Zombies do actually exist in our world. Tonight, our Chapter President will give the keynote address, but there is something a bit off, about well just everyone… And when a Supernatural Hunter turns up at the party things take a turn for the worse...

Zombie Appreciation Societies have been all the rage since the late 1800's, and this current society is the oldest in Britain, and holds an annual celebration dinner as their big event each year, raising money for everything relating to the Zombie events throughout the year including Zombie Walks, Zombie Silent Discos and Zombie Marketplaces. This particular chapter however has quite a few secrets as although the rage is about Zombies everywhere, there might be a few other supernatural creatures lurking around...

Thursday 7th December*
Kris Mass

Strawberry Productions are celebrating a hit this Christmas with their cartoon,

Kris Mass - The Elf Who Saves Christmas.

Kris who along with one of Santa's reindeer, Rooftop Dancer, rescues Santa Claus after he has been kidnapped by the evil Dr Dark who wants to spoil Christmas for millions of children.The film has been a huge hit and Strawberry Productions are holding a number of celebratory parties throughout the country to thank their many public and private investors who backed the film. So come along, dress up in Christmas style and join the cast and crew in the celebrations!!

However this may be the season of goodwill to all men but all is not sweetness and light. It may be winter outside but the atmosphere inside is deathly cold!

Thursday 28th December*
Mr Carroll’s Christmas

It is Christmas day and the Carroll family are celebrating Christmas for the first time since the recent and unexpected death of matriarch Holly Carroll. Could this Christmas be a time for togetherness and playing happy families or is someone about to tear the family apart.


Stay for the weekend and receive a 10% discount on the bedroom rate, with bookings for the night before or after the Murder Mystery event (subject to availability)

Events presented by Murder 57

* Dinner
** Weekend

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